New Furniture

Buying New Furniture Doesn’t Have to be a Daunting Task

Buying new furniture can seem like a daunting task. With so many options available, how are you to choose! You also must choose between new or used furniture. At Accent Home Furniture and Design, we carry new furniture. You might be asking yourself “why buy new furniture?”, this is a common question we receive from clients who enjoy our services and products. There are many benefits to choosing to purchase new furniture over used furniture.

Choosing Quality Furniture

The first benefit is quality. The quality of furniture has been significantly improving year after year, and buying new furniture ensures that you are getting the highest quality. We choose furniture that is created with the highest quality standards and nothing less. The second benefit to new furniture is a decrease in maintenance. We know that you are busy and have to prioritize many aspects of your life, your furniture maintenance should not be one of those.

Custom Upholstered Furniture

We offer custom furniture upholstered with performance fabrics to keep your furniture clean and keep you focused on what is important to you. The last reason to buy new furniture is comfort! Just as new furniture has gone up in quality, it has also increased in comfortability. Comfort in your furniture is a standard that we hold at Accent Home Furniture and Design. We strive to equally mix aesthetic and comfortability so you can feel confident that your home will feel as good as it looks. There are many more benefits to buying new furniture. Come in to Accent Home Furniture and Design and let us prioritize you.
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