Vintage trends are returning to homes in 2022, and there is a good reason why!

These trends incorporate style with functionality and spinning a modern twist on them, brings your home to
the next level.

The word “vintage” can come with a negative connotation sometimes. It can bring back memories of grandma’s floral couch and mustard yellow kitchens with shag carpeting.


But, the nice thing about the trend cycle is that only the best of the best trends cycle back around to become all the rage once more! See a trend you like? All of these trends and more can be found at our store


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Cane and Rattan are inspired by the 70’s and provide a natural and soft feel to your home. The texture that cane adds elevates your space without feeling too heavy or overwhelming. If you’re not ready to go committed to cane, accessories are a great way to add that same organic texture and natural feel without the permanence. Baskets, stools, trays, and wall decor are the best swap to pop cane into your home. Love this cane sideboard? It is in stock now at our Eagle, Idaho store!

Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been used for centuries in homes. A boom in the use of wallpaper happened in the 60’s and 70’s and is back again! Many designers credit the resurgence of wallpaper to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Wallpaper is the most effective way to transform a space and bring the outdoors into your home and with everyone stuck in their house, wallpaper was the perfect solution. Wallpaper used to be considered more of an investment than paint and required a lengthy and expensive process to be installed. But now, thanks to peel-and-stick technology, it is a great way to upgrade your space for less!

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Colorful Pop Art

This trend dates back to the 50’s and literally means “popular art”. Shown above is a modern way to do pop art for those who don’t want the bright colors and flashy shapes of traditional pop art. This trend is the best way to add personality to your home. Pop art is not limited to pieces of artwork, though. More ways to incorporate color and fun to your home is through rugs, pillows, pieces of decor, and even something as simple as dishware!

French Mirrors

The french countryside design trend was popular in the 1920’s and again in the 60’s. The most popular piece from this style is the french mirror, which has made a comeback in interior design trends. These large, stylistic mirrors are as functional as they are beautiful! Lean them against a way to hide objects from view such as wall scratches and foundation cracks. They are also a great tool in rooms that do not get much sunlight. The mirror will bounce light around the room, even if it’s from a ceiling light or lamp.

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Curved Silhouettes

The curved silhouette trend is from the 70’s when designers started to incorporate more feminine shapes into their homes. Curved furniture creates a more relaxed feel in a home and adds a continuous flow between pieces. This trend is so easy to incorporate into your own home, you probably already do it! Curved chairs and sofas are the most trendy furniture pieces right now, but coffee tables, dining tables, rugs, and even light fixtures are also great ways to use this trend at home.

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