Your backyard is an extension of your home. It is a spot that can provide comfort and peacefulness away from the stresses of day-to-day life. A beautiful backyard design can be a source of enjoyment when it flows with your lifestyle. As well, a styled backyard adds property value to your home and is a project that doesn’t take a professional to accomplish.

The first step is to take a walk around your yard and list out the features that the yard already has. Does it have a concrete patio? A garden? A Pool? Next, list out what you like and don’t like about the current yard. These two steps will help you to determine what you have, want, and can do with the yard space provided. It is also important to decide what you are going to use your yard for. To make your yard a relaxing space for you, it has to correlate with your lifestyle and current needs. The most important part of a backyard design is the furniture. Lucky for you, we are a furniture company. But the type of furniture you need is going to depend on what you are looking to get out of your yard. Here, we break down 2 different lifestyles and the outdoor furniture that compliments it.


If you are someone who loves to host BBQ’s, brunches, or pool parties, then you need a backyard built for entertaining. These backyards need to be as functional as they are beautiful so you can host away! My first recommendation for a backyard that works for entertaining is to create two different spaces for guests. The first space is a relaxing area with many different seating options. This will give your guests a place to mingle and enjoy the outside together. When it comes to seating, maximize your space by including a sofa or sectional (depending on the room you have available) and chairs! A unique take on an outdoor sofa is the Saratoga Sofa that features three different chairs assembled together. If you are wanting a more traditional look, opt for the Aurora Sofa with wicker sides and backing.
saratoga sofa
auroa sofa
When it comes to chairs, opt for a slimmer chair design so they can add many different seating spaces and be rearranged easily.
Marina Folding Chair
melbourne outdoor patio
The second space to create for a backyard built for entertaining is a dining area! This is perfect for the BBQ’s and brunches that your guests enjoy. To create the most efficient use of your space, consider a dining table with a bench for seating! This will allow more guests to enjoy the table at once and ensure everyone has a spot. You can also add chairs on the end of the table for even more seating!
aluminum dining set

Privacy Lovers

If you like to keep your yard to yourself, me too! Those who like to have a private yard specific to them should focus on comfort and coziness. These words have different meanings for everyone but a soft place to lay out and a privacy covering are the most important pieces. For a privacy covering, opt for a pergola! They are a great way to provide relaxing privacy while still leaving the yard open. Inside the pergola, a daybed is the perfect to lay on after a long day.
round day bed
Round daybeds are unique and versatile. Another great option is to combine the two and use a king daybed!
ing day bed
This provides comfort and privacy without taking up space and can be a cheaper option than purchasing two different items. If you want to get really crazy, look for fire pit tables to provide warmth and a soothing atmosphere.
fire pit

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