Custom furniture is becoming increasingly popular. The ability to create your own furniture to perfectly match your house and your style is unbeat in today’s saturated furniture market.

When it comes to custom furniture, there are different types of furniture manufacturers that you can work with and they all have different benefits depending on what you are needing. You can work directly with a private manufacturer and create your own furniture from scratch! It can be sized, shaped, styled, and crafted uniquely for you and your home. This way of custom furniture is more expensive and time consuming, but perfect if you have a specific vision of what you want that isn’t found elsewhere.
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The next step down is what we carry in our store! Our custom furniture provides 100’s of different, already designed styles to choose from. However, you choose the shape, length and add-ons that you want. In addition, you choose the fabric or leather that best suits you, the wood finish for the legs, and the type of cushion (ranging from more firm to very soft). The last type of custom furniture is the simplest and least expensive. In this, you only choose your fabric for the style that you want. This is nice when you love a particular piece, don’t need any changes to it, but want to make sure that the fabric/leather color will match your current home style. The most popular form of custom furniture is what we carry, choosing your pre-designed style and then customizing from there!
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When choosing our furniture manufacturer, it was important to us to prioritize quality over quantity. We knew that the company we chose to go with had to share in our core values of sustainability, affordability, local manufacturing, and excellent customer service. This is why we decided to partner with Norwalk Furniture to supply our custom furniture.
Norwalk Furniture has a unique and heart-warming origin story. The company was founded 1902 by two friends in Ohio. Originally, the company was only for upholstering buggy seats for carriages but evolved into upholstering furniture. In 2008, the fourth-generation family owners decided to close the company, but the small town of Nowalk, Ohio stepped in to continue the town’s legacy and keep jobs local. Twelve local families banded together to buy the facility and turn it into what we know today.
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Norwalk Furniture places heavy emphasis on sustainability and clean products. All of their furniture meets California’s TB 117-2013 requirements to produce without harmful chemicals. Their polyurethane foams are certified safe through CertiPUR-US to ensure your home is free of off-gassing. They also work 10-hour days four days a week to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint in the factory.
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As well as sustainability, Norwalk prioritizes local materials, labor, and artisans. They call themselves “locovores”. 70% of Norwalk’s construction components are sourced within 8 hours of Norwalk, Ohio and over half of their fabrics are domestically produced. They employ 225 second and third generation craftsmen who craft each piece one-at-a-time by hand. Quality is a major focus for Norwalk and one of the main reasons why we chose them as our manufacturer. They are people who want to make things they can be proud of and believe products made in the USA are superior to imported goods. All of their frames are kiln dried hardwoods, tough enough to withstand heat, humidity, and dry air. They also incorporate heavy gauge springs and mortise-and-tenon joints in their frames to ensure your product will last a lifetime.
Norwalk is known for the wide variety of fabrics they offer. Their buyers travel the world gathering inspiration for colors, prints, prices, and designs. They keep their fabrics fresh and up-to-date with trends by doing a semi-annual purge where they remove 100 fabrics and add 100 more. One distinguishing feature of Norwalk’s fabrics is their performance line. This line is made with anti-microbial materials as well as moisture wicking materials.
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We tested this in store when we spilled blueberry tea on a white performance fabric. The blue tea wicked right off and left no stain or wet mark, pretty incredible. We are proud to carry Norwalk Furniture in our store and provide our clients with furniture they can depend on! Stop by our store at 3130 E State St Suite 135 Eagle, Idaho to see how you can experience the custom furniture feel for yourself.

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